November 18, 2020

10 Great Examples of Repetition in Graphic Design


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repetition examples in graphic design

What is Repetition?

Repetition is a design principle in graphic design that essentially comes down to repeating elements on a page. These repeated elements can be used to add emphasis or consistency on certain areas, or even just to make the graphic look nicer.

Repetition is mainly used to make your design more consistent and easy to understand. Its most common uses are things that are thought of as standards like consistent, (repetitive) styling on headings/paragraph text, or a defined color scheme used throughout a design.

Examples of Repetition

repetition in graphic design poster

#1: Repeating Typography

Here’s a poster for a Summer Music Festival. The poster uses repetition and repeats “SUMMER ROCKS” to steal the viewer’s attention to the post and build hype around the festival.

What makes this example of repetition great is that it can come in hand when you have little content and graphic elements to work with.

repetition in resume design

#2: Repeating Title Sections + Dots

In this example repetition is used in the resumes headers to make them stand out while being uniform and consistent.

The resume also uses repetition in its square bullet points used both underneath the headings and for a way to represent values in the skills section.

repetition in a brochure design

#3: Repeating Block elements

In this brochure example, there are small similarily styled blocks methodically placed around the brochure to give it both more detail and character.

This example of repetition is very easy to implement in your own design as you can easily turn the blocks into whatever shape fits your design.

repetition in package design

#4: Repeating shapes

This package design uses a pattern of repeated shapes to make a clean design on each side of the box. You can take this design further by using icons to match the theme of your design,

If you are going for minimal, using shapes like this is an easy way to give some extra whitespace some chactacter using repetition.

repetition in business card

#5: Repeating part of a logo

This design uses the “O” part of the logo and repeats it to get the readers attention.

If your logo has an aspect of it that can be repeated, this is another great way to introduce repetition into your design while making your logo more included.

#6: Repeated background typography

This example of repetition can only work in some cases where there aren’t a lot of elements in design otherwise this step and repeat pattern will become too busy and distracting.

repetition in landing page design

#7: More shapes!

This landing page design does a good job of filling in some whitespace with the use of repetition. The shapes in this graphic come in two types, the 3 lines on top of each other and the freeform eggplant shape.

The freeform shape is used multiple times but reflected or rotated at times to fit the area its in.

#8: More repeated type

This poster design uses more repeated type to amplify the impact of the words in the graphic.

This repetition example works if your design is not trying to be informational by having very little text content in your graphic.

#9: Little symbols

This magazine style design uses methodically places red “+’s” (plus’s) on the page taken from the logo to continue and repeat the branding throughout the design.

It works really well for this symbol because the logo is simple and minimal to begin with, if you have a more busy text-based logo then this example of repetition can make your design look too distracting and busy.

repetition in poster design

#10: Double clarification

This design does a repetitive type a little differently. It starts by using the type as a visual element (opposed to informational) due to it being covered up and off the page, and then it repeats the type again at the bottom fully readable on the page.

If you want to implement this example into your own design, be sure to make sure the second use of the type is clearly legible.


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