My mission is to make the Internet filled more with more effective websites that don't make users frustrated.

I’m Aaron, or The Website Architect. I love creating effective and beautiful websites that its users will love, appreciate, and understand.

This isn’t just marketing talk either. Have you ever been to a website where you’ve been confused about what they do or the services they offer? Or had a hard time reading or understanding a website’s content because something about the layout was too distracting? People really suck at making websites and designing layouts, which is something I’m sure you’ve experienced at least some point of your time online.

This is where I came in. I asked myself questions like “what really makes a good website?” and “what do users really care about when designing a website?”. By answering those questions I figured out what makes good websites tick and where websites or particular page layouts go wrong, enabling me to create better and more effective websites for my clients.

I don’t claim what I know is revolutionary or anything, but rather just little known. And that’s why I’ve started my own YouTube channel – to teach other aspiring web designers how to also create great websites, making the internet a more beautiful and usable place.

How I'm going to make the internet a better place:

(only in terms of website user experience and design, other issues like cyber-bullying, cyber terrorism, and Internet-related addiction can be solved by other people)

#1: Perfect my craft and build great websites for clients

Get better and better at making websites across many different industries, requirements, and styles to make my skills alot more robust.

#2: Use my first-hand experience to refine my web-design videos

Using this knowledge I want to teach the ideas and philosophies I’ve learned and formulated so more people can make better websites.

#3: Create a course teaching how to make great websites

With a following of eager supporters, I’ll take my knowledge to a professional format to share my knowledge on making great websites.

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