Does SEO Require Coding?

Considering SEO is so closely entangled in the development of your website and its pages, it’s no wonder why to ask if coding is a required skill to do Search Engine Optimization well. More often than not, doing SEO does not require coding knowledge. However, there is some basic HTML & CSS code that you […]

Why is the Layout of a Website Important?

There are many different factors to making an effective website like content, design, usability, and layout. The layout can be particularly important because it control alot of variables that you might not be able to see at a first glance. Let’s explore what the purpose of layouts are, why website layouts are important, and finally […]

How do you draw a website wireframe?

Before any great website, a great plan is made. Wireframing a website is a great way to start planning your website visually and quickly. There are different ways you can go about making a wireframing like using software specifically designed for wireframing or just by good old hand-drawing it either on paper or a whiteboard. […]

Easily Reverse WPBakery Columns on Mobile

Unfortunately, WPBakery doesn’t come with the option to reverse columns on mobile to make better responsive orders of content. However, by adding some simple CSS you can achieve this effect using CSS’s flexbox. To get the reverse columns working: Add the swap-on-mobile CSS class to the row you want to have columns swapped. Add the […]