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B2B website design is a unique vairant of web design. Most people think the website design process is very cookie-cutter, a logo here, some text there, a button below. This is just not the case, especially with B2B website design. Unlike the traditional B2C business model (business to consumer), b2b website design has a very different target audience and therefore requires a different approach to the typical average consumer based thinking.

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How is B2B Website Design any different?

A different but similar approach must be taken when your target audience is businesses instead of traditional B2C. One major key difference between B2B and B2C is that there are a greater gravity and inherent risk in a B2B transaction. B2B website users have a more detail-orientated and careful approach to find the perfect business their looking for. This means a B2B website user is more likely to seek out a salesperson or representative to get the exact details they want from an actual person instead of clicking around the website. With a business on the line, its understandable a B2B website user wants to get a first-hand experience on what the business is like and how it operates to get a feel if it suits their business needs. Because B2B customers are less emotional they require a more methodical approach to convert than traditional B2C website design.

How to optimize for B2B Website Design

More Testimonials and Reviews

Because there is a greater weight and importance in a B2B transaction, additional testimonials can push your business to be more reputable and appear more customer-satisfaction orientated. You can take this a step further with video testimonials from other businesses that have had a positive experience with your business in the past. When it comes to B2b Website design, the more testimonials the better!

In-Depth and Detailed Contact Forms

As you know, B2B customers take finding the best businesses for their business very seriously. Because of this, they are less likely to impulsively jump on the first businesses product or service they see. When they are more patient and invested in finding the best company for their business, you have an opportunity to provide a more comprehensive and in-depth contact form. Adding more specific fields to your contact forms help promote richer leads directly to your inbox by providing the means of describing exactly what they are looking for and to you what kind of customer you are dealing with.

Comprehensive Customer-Focused FAQs

It’s simple, the more a customer knows about your product or service, the more likely there are to buy. Giving potential customers all the information you can about your product or service is very important for pushing conversions. Provide detail orientated businesses that are searching for something very specific to find the answers they’re looking for as fast as possible.

Encourage Human-to-Human Contact

B2B customers require more of a human touch than your typical consumer. You should have multiple easily accessible points of contact for your potential customers to take advantage of to optimize conversion and ease of use. Points of contact like a dedicated phone number to call or a live chat for sales both create a person-to-person environment B2B customers desire. This also creates a more personal, case-by-case relationship with your customers and further pushes positive business relationships!

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Responsive B2B Website Design

When optimizing for B2B customers important to make your website as professional as possible. Optimizing your website to be mobile responsive is very important as it makes your website feel professional, especially when 51% of users now view websites on a mobile device.

Optimized Call-To-Actions for B2B Leads

Call to actions are imperative to make b2b sales on your website. Not all call to actions are created equally though, some are unknowingly designed and destined to fail. We create CTA buttons that encourage sales through the use of proven studies that show the subtle styling changes you can make to make the buttons get more clicks and convert better.

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Lead Capture for B2B Email Campaigns

One of the best ways to remarket to your potential b2b customers is through newsletters. When you collect emails (which is something we set up for you) you can send out emails to market new products or services to your already interested potential customers.

B2B Website Design Pricing

Don’t know what B2B Website Design package is for you? Schedule A Call with us to find out. Our experts will guide you through your decision.

Starting Out

  • WordPress Template
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Photography Sourcing
  • Icon Sourcing
  • Mailing List Integration
  • Basic Contact Form
  • 2 Rounds Of Revisions
  • Basic Speed Optimized
  • *Plus $100/per Website Page
    Example: 5 page website (home, about, services, blog, contact) would cost $2500

Established Business

  • Customized WordPress Theme
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Photography Sourcing
  • Icon Sourcing
  • Mailing List Integration
  • Advanced Contact Form
  • 3 Rounds Of Revisions
  • Advanced Speed Optimized
  • SEO Ready
  • Custom Functionality
  • *Plus $100/per Website Page
    Example: 5 page website (home, about, services, blog, contact) would cost $4000

Corporate Business

  • Customized WordPress Theme
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Photography Sourcing
  • Icon Sourcing
  • Mailing List Integration
  • Advanced Contact Form
  • 3 Rounds Of Revisions
  • Advanced Speed Optimized
  • SEO Ready
  • Custom Coded Functionality
  • E-Commerce
  • Complete SEO Snippets
  • Auto-Scheduled Backups
  • Customized Login
  • XML Sitemap
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • *Plus $100/per Website Page
    Example: 5 page website (home, about, services, blog, contact) would cost $6000
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"The Website Architect's creativity in design, strong technical capabilities, as well as their persistence and patience helped in creating an incredible website!"

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"We found The Website Architect's team to be technically proficient, delivering a site that amazed all of us at Entanda Cultural Adventure. He delivered on every promise he made to us, and in a language we all understood."

Celestine Katongole, Client

"His creation will have a lasting impact on a small remote community by giving it a broad international exposure – helping it to become sustainable and prosper."

Pat Heilman, Client

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