Easily Reverse WPBakery Columns on Mobile

Unfortunately, WPBakery doesn’t come with the option to reverse columns on mobile to make better responsive orders of content. However, by adding some simple CSS you can achieve this effect using CSS’s flexbox. To get the reverse columns working: Add the swap-on-mobile CSS class to the row you want to have columns swapped. Add the […]

Are There Limitations to a WordPress Website?

The WordPress core is made with 4 main programming languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. With those programming languages alone you can create anything you can dream of, anything from your simple bakery website to a comprehensive e-commerce platform like Amazon. WordPress being open-source, technically anything is possible to make with WordPress. However, there are […]

Are all WordPress Plugins Free?

The majority of WordPress plugins are free to download and use directly from the WordPress plugin store. Some plugins have premium paid versions that offer more features than the standard free version. More rarely, plugins can also be strictly only-paid and offer no free version like WPBakery. However, the feature of using plugins requires a […]