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Not just any WordPress theme will work when you’re trying to make your Long-Form writing website stand out, As a long-form writer, you’ll want something that:

  • Minimalistic style that highlights and focuses on your blog content
  • Has styled blog elements like quote blocks, lists, tables, and image alignments
  • Makes it easy for you to draft and publish as quickly as possible
  • Have a strong author page set up making it easy to set up.

These themes have been hand-picked by a professional web developer/designer who knows their sh*t. These themes aren’t randomly pulled from Google search results – they are selectively picked and highlighted because they deserve to be!

Without delaying any further, let’s jump into my personally (and professionally) hand-picked best themes for long-form writing.

Typograph – Content Focused Gutenberg WordPress Theme

Typograph wordpress theme

The Typograph WordPress theme is definitely worth checking out. It has any element you could ever need for long-from writing like blockquotes, image galleries (2 columns), headings, and more. It also has built-in comments and social shares at the bottom of each post. On the demo, you can actually customize the colors and styles right there allowing you to tinker with it to figure out if it’s a good fit for you.

Key notes and features about Typograph

The Good about Typograph

  • Minimal amount of plugins pre-installed
  • Has a bunch of SEO related stuff in mind like Schema, Next-post auto loading, and more
  • Great documentation
  • Fairly fast loading

The Bad about Typograph

  • Footer is way too simple
  • No home grid layouts. Only one-column layouts

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Writing – Personal Blog WordPress Theme

writing wordpress theme

The Writing WordPress theme is probably the most minimal theme on this list. Because its so minimal and theres no “look at me!” elements everywhere, your eyes immediately get drawn to the content to consume it. I find this theme is very easy on the eyes, and almost calming in a way.

Key notes and features about Writing

The Good about Writing

  • Super content focused, no-bloat theme.
  • Great home grid blog layouts to choose from
  • About page and Contact page already made

The Bad about Writing

  • No clear call-to-action buttons to drive visitors somewhere

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Typology – Minimalist Blog & Text Based WordPress Theme

typology wordpress theme

The Typology WordPress theme is one of the boldest themes in this list. If you have an important color is your brand, then this is the theme for you. It’s a bit more on the trendy side with its default font (which you can change) and solid colors.

Key notes and features about Typology

The Good about Typology

  • Modern, bold blog theme that stands out
  • Fast loading
  • Share on social section at bottom

The Bad about Typology

  • The footer is almost non-existant
  • If you were to use featured images, they would have to be high resolution
  • Too much space at the bottom of posts. Most users wont scroll enough to see suggested posts.
  • No About page demo content

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Asona – Blog and Magazine WordPress Theme

asona wordpress theme

The Asona WordPress theme is great for both light and dark theme lovers. Its modern, minimal, and as the theme developer says, it’s “Unique. Different. Irresistible.”. Its fast, responsive, and has a great balance between images and text.

Key notes and features about Asona

The Good about Asona

  • Superb gallery element on blog pages
  • Newsletter form set up and styled
  • Adspace
  • About and Contact pages set up
  • Amazing speed
  • Search bar

The Bad about Asona

  • Footer is too minimal

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Minimy – Responsive Clean Personal Blog

minimy wordpress theme

The Minimy WordPress theme is another super bare-bones WordPress theme that focuses on text content.

Key notes and features about Minimy

The Good about Minimy

  • Elements designed around text content
  • No bloat features

The Bad about Minimy

Buy or learn more about the Minimy WordPress theme on ThemeForest.

Ember – Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

The Ember WordPress theme is the most to-the-point theme on this list. Its a pretty small theme, but packs a punch when it comes to the blog pages. Its super minimal, yet still has all the functionality you could need for long-form writing.

Key notes and features about Ember

The Good about Ember

  • Great looking single blog pages
  • Little to no required plugins
  • Adspace

The Bad about Ember

  • Header design leads to a poor User Experience

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TeTrendion – A Personal Lifestyle Blog and Magazine WordPress Theme

trendion wordpress theme

The TeTrendion WordPress theme is an a very element-focused blog theme. It offers a bit more functionality than the other themes by having a Cookie acceptance bar, and a “percentage bar” at the top of the page when scrolling to indicate how far in the post you, which is perfect for long-form writing.

Key notes and features about TeTrendion

The Good about TeTrendion

  • Long-form writing percentage bar
  • Great footer

The Bad about TeTrendion

  • Has bloat like WooCommerce, as a blog theme I dont see why it should have it

Buy or learn more about the TeTrendion WordPress theme on ThemeForest.

Narrator — A Fluent WordPress Blogging Theme

narrator wordpress theme

The Narrator WordPress theme is clean, black and white, and centered around typography. The theme is specifically optimized and designed for natural reading.

Key notes and features about Narrator

The Good about Narrator

  • Contact page and About page set up
  • Great homepage layout options to choose from
  • Search bar functionality

The Bad about Narrator

  • Slowest performing theme on this list, though still good enough

Buy or learn more about the Narrator WordPress theme on ThemeForest.