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long form writing posts
The Website Architect February 15, 2022 (Comment Off)

8 Hand-Picked WordPress Themes for Long-Form Writing

Not just any WordPress theme will work when you're trying to make your Long-Form

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speed optimizing font awesome
The Website Architect June 22, 2021 (Comment Off)

How To Remove Unused Icons For Font Awesome

There's no doubt speed optimization is important. But With Speed optimization, you can do

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practice web design elements
The Website Architect March 1, 2021 (Comment Off)

How to Practice Your Web Design Skills

When you're starting in web design, its hard to build up a portfolio of

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seo coding
The Website Architect February 28, 2021 (Comment Off)

Does SEO Require Coding?

Considering SEO is so closely entangled in the development of your website and its

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website seo friendly
The Website Architect February 19, 2021 (Comment Off)

How To Check If A Website Is SEO Friendly

Good job! You know the importance of not only your website, but the importance

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school website project
The Website Architect February 14, 2021 (Comment Off)

How To Create Your Own Website For A School Project

Websites are a great way to go above and beyond for a school project.

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creating own website
The Website Architect February 6, 2021 (Comment Off)

Is it difficult to create your own website?

Websites can be expensive if you go with an agency to make it, and

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why are layouts important
The Website Architect February 2, 2021 (Comment Off)

Why is the Layout of a Website Important?

There are many different factors to making an effective website like content, design, usability,

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wireframe drawing
The Website Architect February 2, 2021 (Comment Off)

How do you draw a website wireframe?

Before any great website, a great plan is made. Wireframing a website is a

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The Website Architect January 24, 2021 (Comment Off)

How do you Find out What’s Slowing Down Your Website?

When a website is slow, it can be due to many different reasons. Finding

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What is the cheapest way to get a website
The Website Architect January 18, 2021 (Comment Off)

What is the Cheapest Way to Get a Website?

Websites can be expensive, especially when you're starting out with your new business and

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The Website Architect January 17, 2021 (Comment Off)

Easily Reverse WPBakery Columns on Mobile

Unfortunately, WPBakery doesn't come with the option to reverse columns on mobile to make

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