Superb Website Design For Fergus

Let’s make your first website for your Fergus Business a good one that lasts – and one that your customers will love!

You might be thinking “Wow, a web designer serving Fergus who actually has a nice up-to-date website?”. Well, you’d be right. And the reason why you’re right is because I create great websites. I practice what I preach, I also teach what I preach web design on my YouTube channel. The websites I create are carefully crafted with purpose and passion – page by page. This is why my web design is targeted at business owners who want their website to be beautiful, effective, and loved by its users. The question remains, is that you?

The problem with web design, and how I solve it.

Video: 50 Web Design Mistakes

Whether you go with an agency or a freelancer, websites in big cities outside of Fergus like Toronto often seem to be made to impress every visitor that comes across them. This sounds good, but in reality, a lot of websites go too far as to make people’s experience and ease of use on the website worse in the pursuit of trying to stand out and be flashy.

Websites need to be effective – not flashy, especially websites for small businesses just entering the market. Sure a flashy website can get someone’s attention for a couple of seconds, but an effective one is one that converts and sells. I make websites that are easily understood by users enabling them to convert better while still making the website’s design rememberable and attractive for you and your potential customers/clients.

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Websites Built & Designed For Success.

Speed Optimized

Your site will be developed with speed optimization in mind and performance in mind. No site should be slow for its users losing out on customers.

Conversion Optimized

I know the little tricks that can push people to convert from a visitor to a customer. We help make your website pay for itself.

Mobile Optimized

52% of people are viewing websites on a phone. I know its more than just important so its standard that every page is responsive.


Your website will be easy enough to customize that anyone can pick it up to make a change big or small, from text changes to new pages.

SEO Optimized

SEO is the next important step after launching your website. Your website will follow the best SEO practices to begin its ranking process.

Beautifully Branded

Your website won’t be from a cookie-cutter layout. It will be designed and laid out to fit the style of your brand (fonts, colors, etc) and your content.


Affordable Website Pricing


Standard Website

A website with limited design customization and basic features.

Designed to get your business started online.
  • Basic Contact Form
  • 2 Rounds Of Revisions
  • Basic Speed Optimization
  • SEO Fundamentals

*Plus $100/per Website Page
Example: 5 page website (home, about, services, blog, contact) would cost $1600



Advanced Website

A website with a lot of design customization with more advanced features.

Designed to stand out from your competitors.
  • Mailing List Integration
  • Advanced Contact Form
  • 2 Rounds Of Revisions
  • Advanced Speed Optimization
  • SEO Optimized
  • Custom Functionality

*Plus $100/per Website Page
Example: 5 page website (home, about, services, blog, contact) would cost $2500



E-Commerce Website

A E-Commerce website with a lot of design customization with more advanced features.

Designed to make you sales online.
  • 3 Rounds Of Revisions
  • Custom Coded Functionality
  • Full E-Commerce Functionality
  • Custom E-Commerce Functionality
  • Sales / Conversion Optimization

*Plus $100/per Website Page
Example: 5 page website (home, about, shop, blog, contact) would cost $3500


I’m a small business too right now, prices will only get higher! Think another agency can beat my price for value? Check out my comparison of the top agencies in Toronto VS mine.

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How will your customers feel about your new website?

A bad outdated website design can easily dissuade people from going with your business. A properly designed and modern website will let them know you’re open and ready to sell them on your product/service.

If not carefully looked at a website can very easily be annoying for users to use, resulting in them leaving your website. That’s why UX (user experience) design is so important to get right on every page.

How many times have you been on a website and thought to yourself, “what do you do?” because their website isn’t intuitive. This is a big problem, which is why I design websites specifically around this.


Send me the content, and you'll get a website.

You talk to me about your website.

We talk over the phone (or Zoom) about your project; including what and how many pages you want, the goals of the website, and what you want your website to look like.

You send me the website content.

I then build the website based on the content, images, and requirements you provide. This can take around 2-4 weeks depending on the size of the website.

Review and launch the website!

After I’ve made and completed the website, we make updates and perfect the website based on your feedback. After this, we launch the website and make it live!


Frequently Asked Questions

Of course this depends on the size of your website. A standard 5 page website usually takes 2 weeks, and a bigger 15 page website can take 3-5 weeks. I can work with you if you have a specific deadline that needs to be met.

Custom functionality like adding MLS listings, custom booking forms, or custom widgets take time to make. If your website does require customization like that it will be quoted hourly. However, most websites dont need to be quoted for hourly customization as its usually included in the standard build.

Nope! I make all my websites with the client in mind by making the website easy and intuitive to edit, update, and add content. If you're not confident in your technical capabilities, we can sit down for a 1-on-1 tutorial.

Your website should only need a couple minutes of maintenance a month. It's common for people to even leave their website for 5 months and it be okay. All your website would need is plugin and framework updates to keep it running securely. I've also written on article on a websites maintenance to help clients.

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