Hourly Website Updates

Anything from content updates, adding in new pages, adding new functionality, or a design overhaul – Id love to help out improving your website!

Current hourly rate: $100 CAD ($74 USD)

Website Updates

Get in touch with me letting me know what kind of changes you’d like to make to your website, and I can provide you an hourly quote of how long it would take to do.

Some of the changes I’ve personally made are:

  • Website design overhauls
  • Design improvements
  • Conversion rate improvements
  • Adding new pages
  • Bug fixes
  • Adding language translation functionality
  • Speed optimization
  • Landing page duplications
  • Creating new contact forms
  • Content updates
  • Plugin/WordPress updates
  • Malware removal
  • And more!

Hourly Website Updates

Re-Designed Overhauls

Redesign an outdated-looking website to get your website looking fresh and modern.

Bug Fixes

Fix any weird bugs that you may be experiencing with your website.

Add New Pages & Posts

And new posts or responsive custom laid out pages to your WordPress website.

Text & Content Updates

Text and images updates area a great way to keep your website up-to-date and accurate.


Updating plugins, making backups, and fixing bugs caused by website aging.

Malware Cleanup

Cleanup the malware on your website! Get rid of unwanted redirects, ads, and spam pages.

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