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It can take up to 4 days to get your feedback, but I will send you an email with your critiques in a PDF document. 

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Once you get your critique, you can make the updates yourself, or if you’re lazy you can pay me to do it on an hourly basis.

Video: Critiquing Subscriber Websites!

A website can always be improved.

With this feedback, you can improve your website’s user experience, design, conversions, content, speed, and more.

And most importantly the critique can get you better chances of an interview for your web portfolio, or a better conversion rate on your e-commerce website, or more contact submissions for your business. 

Whatever the goal of your website or the type of niche the website is, odds are there are improvements that can be made to make it overall a more effective website.

I encourage you to ask yourself how many extra conversions it would take to pay off the cost of this critique. Because I’m confident with the changes I suggest for your website, you will get more conversions!


What will I critique?

User Experience

The thing I mention most in the my videos. UX is the most important part of a website apart from content.


Let’s make your website prettier. A beautiful design isn’t everything, but it can go a long way to showcase your brand and make your site look serious.


Content, is the actual most important part of your website. Anything from spelling mistakes, grammar issues, or bad flow it can hurt your overall website.

Speed Improvements

A smaller critique to look out for I know, but a hidden 4k resolution image can hurt load times and therefore UX negatively.

SEO Optimization

Theres some small SEO changes you can make that help Google understand and rank your website better.

Customer Journey

The journey the user takes when on your website is important. Content should be ordered strategically for optimal user understanding.


Frequently Asked Questions

The critique will be a PDF document containing point form what I would do to improve your website.

It will be organized into several categories, and by page for easy reference. Usually this document is 3-5 pages long. Its organized by: UI & UX, content, conversion, SEO, and speed optimization.

If I look at your website and can't come up with anything to critique because it's so amazing, I will refund you 100% of the cost.

Nope! I can work on any kind of website, though I like to think I'm specialized in websites for businesses and web portfolios.

You take a look at the feedback, and if you agree with my points (I'm usually right) you implement the recommendations on your website. Ideally you know to make the changes on your website yourself. If not, you can hire me to do it!

If you're wanting me to critique an e-commerce website, it could lead to more sales. If you're wanting me to critique a web portfolio, it could lead to you getting more interviews. With improvements from a critique it can lead to the conversions you want. Its up to you!

This is totally okay, just make sure the link you are sharing (whether it be to a Google drive link or a Figma) that my email talkto@thewebsitearchitect has appropriate access to open the file.

I have critiqued multiple websites in different languages. I can still critique the website, but I wouldn't be able to speak to anything spelling, grammar, or general heading related. I will try to use Google Translate to help make it easier to critique.

A lot of websites I critique aren't done yet, and thats okay. Ideally you want to send a complete finished website for your maximum benefit, but if you want to catch some stuff early it can save time developing.

Yes! I can do my critiques for you on an hourly basis at $100/hour CAD. Most updates would take from 2-8 hours depending on how many items were noted. I like to work on WordPress websites as its what I know best, so I can do a lot within a paid hour.

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