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Why is Speed Optimization Important?

Your website speed plays an important role in many factors like Visitor Ease-Of-Use, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Conversion. We strongly believe every website should do something to help its loading time, no matter how small.

Website Speed Optimization is important because it directly affects the experience of a visitor on your site. When a website is slow visitors get annoyed and impatient while having to wait for the website to load. This slow speed either leaves a bad impression, or no impression at all because the user has already left and forgotten the website. A slower website is also proven to lower conversion rate, increase jump rate, and leave a bad impression. Positively, it also improves SEO.

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    Speed Optimization Package

    Our Speed Optimization Package offers everything your website will need to be optimized and load faster. Speed improvement guaranteed!

    Image Compression

    Compressing images to saves as many kilobytes as possible, increasing image load times on your website.

    Minifying CSS & JS

    Reducing the size of your website code files by compressing them using tricks to reduce file size.

    Loading JS Asynchronously

    Loading your functional JS files at the same time as other files, to bypass the file loading queue.

    Disable Unnecessary Assets

    Disabling unnecessary files that being loaded across your site to reduce the amount files being loaded.

    Image Resizing

    Optimize the intrinsic size of images to only have the quality necessary without it looking blurry.

    Simplifying Pages

    Reduce unnecessary page elements that provide little value for the weight of files they require.

    Why Is Your Website Slow?

    When your site is slow, there's always a reason why. Sometimes its one big issue that's causing all the problems, but most likely its a bunch of little things that haven't had enough attention that's causing your issues. Here is an incomplete list of the top reasons why your site may be slower than Toronto traffic.

    Your Cheap, Slow Hosting (Biggest Culprit)

    When it comes to hosting, you get what you pay for. It must seem annoying that when getting your website online for the first time you have to buy a domain and hosting before anyone can see it. After spending money already on the website itself, you lean towards the cheaper hosting options.

    This is where people make their first mistake, buying cheap hosting. Godaddy and BlueHost are cheap and there's a reason why, its called shared hosting. Having shared hosting slows down your site because your site gets thrown in a giant theoretical pile of thousands of other websites; all competing for server requests, resources, and memory. Having dedicated hosting is very important if you want your website to be as fast as possible because it means your sever space is running on allocated hardware just for YOUR site and your site alone.

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    too many wordpress plugins causing slow website

    Too Many WordPress Plugins or Website Add-Ons

    Once people get their website they get very excited. So excited in fact, they load it with a bunch of bells and whistles with these things called plugins. This is especially the case with slow WordPress websites. When we create websites for our clients, we make a point to not install plugins unless it;s necessary. We always try to keep them to a minimum so the site is faster, and overall easier to work with a maintain.

    It's easy to think that installing 25 different security plugins can make your website as secure as The White House but in actuality, it slows your site down massively and doesn't provide any more security than if you only had one security plugin installed. It's common mistakes like these that can quickly make your website slower and slower.

    Poorly Built WordPress Themes

    Many WordPress themes are built with loads of functionality, so much so it affects the site load speed. These massive themes comes with the cost of having adding more complexity that negatively affect the speed of the website, even before you customize it. For The Website Architect, theme selection is very important so we take the time to carefully choose the perfect theme for the project. Speed being very important to us, we go as far to Speed Audit the theme demo before considering it just to make sure it fits our standards.

    "Multi-purpose" is something we look out for when selecting a theme because multi-purpose built themes tend to be over-customizable and bloated with different unnecessary options and content that slow down the site. You should avoid these multi-purpose themes because they usually have massive CSS files for styling which enables the theme have many different style options available. But if you website is only going to one style, why load the other styles?

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