personal vs premium plans in wordpress

The difference between Personal vs Premium

The differences between the two plans are very minimal, but there are some differences that can make it worth upgrading in certain scenarios.

Price Difference:

Cost Per Month$5$10

WordPress Hosting & Support Related Differences:

Livechat Support
Server/Website Space6GB13GB

Website Development Differences:

Unlimited Premium Themes
Custom CSS
Google Analytics Integration
SEO Tools

On-Page Website Differences:

Paying with PayPal
WordAds – Earn through ad revenue
VideoPress Support – directly embed videos without the use of YouTube

Is WordPress premium worth getting?

With the Premium plan, the 3 most useful upgrades are:

  1. Google Analytics Integration
  2. Paying with PayPal
  3. Server Space Increase

Add those together, and this plan is mostly designed for people to grow their website overall or its traffic.

The differences between the Personal plan and Personal is worth the extra $5 if you are pushing for increased website traffic. If you can’t be bothered tracking the traffic and trying to increase it through SEO, then I wouldn’t recommend the Premium plan over the Personal.

Does WordPress premium plan include hosting?

The WordPress Premium plan does include hosting. The only difference between the Personal and Premium plan when it comes to hosting is that the Premium plan offers 13 GB of space to use when the Personal plan only offers you 6GB.

A small WordPress website is usually 2-5 GB, but as you start to add galleries, product images, or alot of high-resolution images your website can grow to around 5-10 GB in size.

If you have a smaller website on the Personal plan, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading for an increase in server space alone as in most cases your website wont need that much.

Which WordPress plan is best?

The Business plan is the best. If you have the money for it ($33 a month), its worth the beneficial differences between it and the Premium plan.

The Business plan enabled the use of plugins, which plugins alone can enable your website to do almost anything you want. Instagram feeds, Payment Gateways, Galleries, Contact Forms, Calculators, SEO Tools, Speed Performance, are some of the different kinds of plugins you can use to make your website that much better.

If you’re looking into the eCommerce plan, I would stop there as I don’t recommend it. At $60 a month, you’re obviously more serious about your website and online-presents than most. If you are serious about your website that you’d spend $60 a month on it, I would just redo your website so it’s on the free platform instead of the Then, you won’t be contained to the platform and you have more control without any limitations.

With your website being on the free .org framework, you don’t have to pay ANY monthly fees for WordPress, and you have complete control over your website. However, the cost of running your WordPress website will be different. You do have to pay for your domain yearly and hosting monthly to host the free framework. Me, being The Website Architect, am passionate about WordPress and web design and provide this as a service if you’re interested in getting a website that will take your business to the next level.